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Fresh from our pantry to
your pooch

Fresh from our pantry to
your pooch



Fresh from our pantry to
your pooch

Balanced Nutrition. High quality & affordable

We are proud to offer raw pet food for your dog that is both affordable and of good quality. We use locally sourced suppliers and all of our products are federally inspected human grade, hormone and antibiotic free. We prepare and package this food ourselves in small batches to ensure our products are the freshest.
The Pantry Pooch is a locally owned and operated business. We specialize in our own brand of raw dog food. We proudly serve the Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton and Burlington areas, and have been doing so since we began back in 2009.
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Are you giving your pet the best chance at a healthy life?

In recent years the position on raw food diets for dogs has strengthened tremendously. Many owners believe that a raw food diet is significantly better than the alternative, dry kibble. This opinion is supported by animal experts and many uphold that raw dog foods are considerably better.  They are all natural, carry far more nutrients, and have no chemicals or preservatives added.

  • Reduction in tooth plaque
  • Healthier skin and shinier coat
  • Improved weight control
  • Increased immunity
  • Very little stool
  • Improved breath odor

Some benefits of raw dog food

New to raw feeding?

At The Pantry Pooch, we want to ensure you have the most current knowledge when it comes to feeding your dog a raw diet. With so much misinformation out there, we invite you to view our frequently asked questions page, to help you get started with a basic understanding of the raw food diet for dogs.

My 12 year old dog is thriving on the food from Pantry Pooch.  Human grade food made in small batches guaranteed to be the freshest raw food available.

Sandy M

When my first dog Chamy turned one, she became very ill with undiagnosed gastric problems. Maureen form the Pantry Pooch, has worked with me the entire time I have been trying to sort out the health issue my dog has. She educated me, helped me and has even gone out of her way to create a food blend that is now working wonders on Chamy!

Connie – Chamy & Quigley

I have been feeding my dogs “Pantry Pooch” food for several years now. My dogs never have skin conditions, they are healthy and their coats are beautiful. They also do not have that strong “dog” odour.
I trust Maureen, for advice, for impeccable service, and for the lives of my dogs.

Cathy L.

Maureen is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dog/cat nutrition, and will help ease you and your pup into raw feeding without making it feel over whelming. I have seen nothing but positive results in my guy, and I can honestly say that a raw diet from The Pantry Pooch is the way to go!

Alison & Odin

None more so than my own rescue dogs Feebee and Maya. 6 and a 1/2 years ago I switched Feebee from kibble to a balanced, raw diet by Maureen and what is now the Pantry Pooch. The changes have been incredible. She went from being a finicky eater to loving her food. Her coat became much softer and the red shades darkened considerably

Dan – Feebee & Maya

The staff always make sure to go out of their way to admire our dogs. They’re very knowledgeable about their food and give great advice when needed. I always recommend people to The Pantry Pooch and to switch to raw too. You’ll see a big change in your dog and you won’t regret it.

Jenna P.

Maureen at the Pantry Pooch was instrumental in helping to figure out a food option for my one dog who has a ridiculous amount of allergies! She is always available to help you make the right choices for your dog. Her food is second to none as is her commitment to her customers and their pets!

Connie Spears

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