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about us

Real dog food

The reason I started The Pantry Pooch was quite simple — by request! I was asked by the very people that buy my food. People would meet my dogs and comment on their white teeth, and their soft and shiny coats. They were impressed when I told them their ages (13 & 14 years old), especially after seeing how active they were. My goal was to give my dogs the best chance at a long and healthy life, with as few health problems as possible, so they could be active members of my family. I studied, and continue to study nutrition, what truly matters to the health of a dog in order to keep them balanced with what their bodies require.


Balanced Nutrition

Every batch of food I make contains Ontario raised proteins, beef, turkey, chicken, etc. All vegetables and fruits are fresh. I do not use “extracts”. Each all natural ingredient serves a specific purpose, mixed together they provide exactly what a dog needs to be healthy. Additional ingredients, such as Apple cider vinegar, honey, and vitamins & minerals are pure, raw unfiltered and certified organic. No preservatives or fillers are used in my food. We only sell what we make. I take pride in the fact that my food is made fresh and frozen the same day to ensure maximum freshness.