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our customers stories

We got Winnie when she was only 4 months, she was a rescue and almost lost her life from a parasite infection. When we knew we wanted a puppy, we knew we wanted it on raw food. Transitioning Winnie from kibble to raw from The Pantry Pooch was fairly easy and we were soon to see a difference of her body, coat and health. Winnie is now 3.5 years old and she’s fit with a shiny/soft coat (that people compliment everyday). Her bowel movements are small and not as foul smelling when she was on kibble (what a relief). Lastly, having bones for her to chew on help her mentally and tire her out as well. I am always greeted with a happy face and the service is superb at The Pantry Pooch. The staff always make sure to go out of their way to admire our dogs. They’re very knowledgeable about their food and give great advice when needed. I always recommend people to The Pantry Pooch and to switch to raw too. You’ll see a big change in your dog and you won’t regret it.

Jenna P.

I’ve been feeding my dogs past and present the Pantry Pooch raw diet since day one and couldn’t imagine feeding them anything else. They love it and I love how it makes them look and feel. Amazing store and even better customer service!!
Thank you Pantry Pooch!

Derek D.

As a dog lover and someone that believes highly in the power of nutrition, it is of the utmost importance that my dogs get the best nutrition out there. My dogs have been on Maureen’s food for years now and I’m convinced that is the reason why my 19 year old Chihuahua still goes on hour long walks everyday and my 12 year old dingo looks like he is 6.

The quality of her food and the love that is put into making it is second to none. I will be forever grateful for Maureen’s extensive knowledge of whole nutrition and the advice she has given me over the years.

Thank you so much for providing the best whole nutrition out there!

Tucker, Lola and Jill

The Pantry Pooch is the best choice of food you could make for your pets. Everywhere I go people compliment on my dog’s coat and say “look how shiny she is!!!”. It’s all thanks to the high quality of produce such as their meats, fruits and vegetables. She is able to absorb all those nutrients and it shows through her coat and much more! I also love the fact it’s human-grade, I want the best for my dog because she is not just a member of my family, but my child. Thanks to Maureen’s and her staff’s dedication and knowledge, they truly understand that you are feeding family members. All the pantry pooch members are very helpful and they make feeding raw feasible because their tips and quality packaging.

I want to emphasize that this food is a 100% balanced diet and I know it is the best choice for my dog. She has grown up on this food and our Vet couldn’t be happier with the condition of her weight, coat and teeth! The variety of proteins and bones keep my pup happy and on her toes! She loves this food so much she will gobble it right down and instantly want more. It’s so amazing to see especially knowing that it cleans hear teeth and works her brain all at the same time. In my experience with having dogs on commercially processed food verses whole nutrition, I saw an immediate difference. Maureen’s food made my dog balanced and satisfied. 

I highly recommend this product! Thank you again members of the Pantry Pooch for always ensuring the quality of your food for my baby!

Caitlyn D.

I have been feeding my dogs “Pantry Pooch” food for several years now. My dogs never have skin conditions, they are healthy and their coats are beautiful. They also do not have that strong “dog” odour.
I trust Maureen, for advice, for impeccable service, and for the lives of my dogs.

Cathy L.

My 12 year old dog is thriving on the food from Pantry Pooch.  Human grade food made in small batches guaranteed to be the freshest raw food available.

Sandy M

Maureen at the Pantry Pooch was instrumental in helping to figure out a food option for my one dog who has a ridiculous amount of allergies! She is always available to help you make the right choices for your dog. Her food is second to none as is her commitment to her customers and their pets!

Connie Spears

We absolutely love The Pantry Pooch! My 105lb American Bulldog has been on Maureen’s food for 3 years now. We switch up his meat type from time to time, but he loves it all! I know only the best ingredients for your pet go into this food! No unnecessary fillers and all human grade meats. Maureen is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dog/cat nutrition, and will help ease you and your pup into raw feeding without making it feel over whelming. I have seen nothing but positive results in my guy, and I can honestly say that a raw diet from The Pantry Pooch is the way to go!

Alison & Odin

Mo and her staff at The Pantry Pooch are always so kind and helpful and they make feeding raw accessible. They truly understand that you are feeding family members and the quality of their food and advice reflects that. When we first adopted our dog Layla, she was having some severe tummy issues. By changing her food to Pantry Pooch, we were amazed how quickly she became the happy, healthy puppy we knew she could be. Hard to believe it has been 3 years since we made the switch and we have never looked back! She loves it! We cannot say enough good things! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Callie, Eric & Layla

When my first dog Chamy turned one, she became very ill with undiagnosed gastric problems. Maureen form the Pantry Pooch, has worked with me the entire time I have been trying to sort out the health issue my dog has. She educated me, helped me and has even gone out of her way to create a food blend that is now working wonders on Chamy!

When we rescued our second dog Quigley there was no question he would be put on food from The Pantry Pooch! Maureen and her team have been instrumental in my being able to heal my dog! Unsurpassed quality, knowledge and dedication to your canine companions!

Connie – Chamy & Quigley

Those that know me know that I love dogs. None more so than my own rescue dogs Feebee and Maya. 6 and a 1/2 years ago I switched Feebee from kibble to a balanced, raw diet by Maureen and what is now the Pantry Pooch. The changes have been incredible. She went from being a finicky eater to loving her food. Her coat became much softer and the red shades darkened considerably. Years later her teeth are still just as white as when I first got her.

Maya also took to her raw diet instantly. Both dogs drink far less water than their kibble fed friends as their food contains no dehydrating preservatives. Feebee and Maya love the food at the Pantry Pooch and your dog will too!!

Dan – Feebee & Maya

Prior to meeting Maureen, from The Pantry Pooch, Kira had major digestion issues. I tried different brands of kibble but her health issues persisted. It wasn’t until I started Kira on the raw diet that everything changed. Not only did Kira’s stomach issues completely disappear, but her coat got incredibly shiny, her teeth stayed clean, and her weight had balanced itself.

There have been so many health benefits to this change in diet. I get compliments all the time about Kira! Maureen was excellent in explaining the benefits of this diet. Any questions I had, she answered. This is the best decision I’ve made for my pup!

Danielle – Kira

The raw dog food I buy from The Pantry Pooch has been a blessing sent from heaven. It is high quality protein with all the fixings to help my boxer grow big and strong. He’s a very active 2 year old boxer with a lot of love and energy and he requires the proper nutrition to stay healthy and fit.

Maureen and Gary are amazing people who truly put love into the food that they prepare. I appreciate the raw food for Jax and all the advice and knowledge that Maureen shares with me on how to be a better dog-Mom. Thank you Maureen and Gary for being raw dog food Angels!

Kathy – Jax

So you’re obviously thinking of going raw with your dog since you’re reading my testimonial here. AMAZING is what I have to say, on behalf of my two energetic herding dogs. Both dogs had different digestive problems that weren’t getting any better with vet visits and diet changes. I had feed them the best food after personally researching what is available out there. I bought the best stuff for them but they just got worse, until I started to cook for them. This was a lot of work, a big mess and I was unsure that I had given them the right amount of nutrients.

Then I was introduced to Maureen and The Pantry Pooch, my family’s life was never the same. My dogs are now happy, energetic, have amazing coats and eyes, and we no longer deal with horrible digestive issues. Their teeth are amazingly white and clean. Its been wonderful seeing them healthy and knowing that they are getting a balanced diet! Hope your dog(s) enjoy this wonderful life as well.


Since I am very into my own health I want the best for my dog as well. We have switched our dog to raw dog food and nothing but good things have happened. He has clean white teeth which means no bad breath – that’s a great thing in itself. He has a bright soft shiny coat and we haven’t been to the vet since we switched him over. He’s in perfect health.

When you start researching dog food it really makes you realize how bad it is for your dog, but when you switch to raw you might have a lot of questions and concerns. Maureen will coach you through it every step of the way. She really is amazing!

Ashley – Graham

thank you all